Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Bluesoup are proud to announce the launch of the first ever website dedicated to a Marine Conservation Zone….on our doorstep around Lundy Island.
The sea around Lundy island was first designated as England‟s only Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) in January 2010, and today (14 September) it launches a website to open a new window onto its clear waters. The unique world of colourful undersea landscapes and spectacular marine wildlife living around this small granite island is now more accessible at a click of a mouse. The site was developed by the Lundy wardens in collaboration with Bluesoup Communications; and the project has been funded by Natural England.
Nicola Saunders, Lundy warden, said: “The website is a great new resource for anyone wanting to find out more about the island or marine conservation in general. It is packed full of fantastic photos which reveal a whole host of species that you otherwise just wouldn‟t know were there. We asked for the design to engage a wide range of people, with slideshows and video clips found alongside academic research papers and reports – and with an all important live weather forecast link if you are planning a visit.”
Ben Duhig, the managing director of Bluesoup Communications, said: “It’s been a real privilege to work with the team at Lundy to create the first website for a Marine Conservation Zone. To get the opportunity to develop a site celebrating the diversity of the Lundy MCZ and to use such stunning imagery has been an amazing project to be part of. We hope the design, navigation and the way we have used the technology available to us brings this stunning environment to life for visitors in an inspiring way.”
Check out the site for yourselves at


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