Thursday, 2 June 2011


Today we say good bye to BN08USO, or The Focus as it became known.  “Focus” joined us way back in 2008, when Bluesoup was just 5 months old.  The agency is what it is today in no small part due to the efforts of this plucky 1.8 diesel, taking us over 80,000 tough miles.
The little blue motor has enjoyed countless drive throughs, a spell of vegetable samosas and even the odd health kick where nothing more exciting than fruit and bottled water were consumed.  Radio 2 was a staple of any journey, but “The Organist Entertains” and the free Cliff Richard CD were low points in an otherwise solid musical repertoire.

So, as we go our separate ways, it’s with many happy memories.  Good luck & thanks to The Focus!

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